How can using make your life easier?
If you have clients who normally require disclaimers, you've got to find time in the script, or space on the screen to zip that little zinger right by 'em.  It's a little embarrassing, isn't it?

Advertising has taken a beating over the years, in part because of little things like disclaimers.  They just seem a little less than forthcoming.  In turn, those who are associated with those messages have suffered.

Just forget all about disclaimers.  But you can't include all that legal stuff, so we have the answer.  This is a website that originated specifically to display disclaimers.  The name is very easy to publicize and easy for customers to remember.

We do everything so you can concentrate on creating persuasive commercials.  We design, administer and list with major search engines.  There's a reason why more ad agencies don't do very much on the web.  It's time-consuming, specialized, and not always easy to understand.

We make it easy.

Give us a try.  We're convinced you'll love the value-added features gives your clients.  As the agency, we are your tool, to help your ad campaigns succeed.

We're sure you'll like it.  To prove it, GetDetails will give you a free test-drive.  Just fill out the next page, and specify "Agency Free Trial" in the comment field.  We'll give you a free sample to offer one of your clients.

Just pick one, and we'll create a web presence free.

Advertising has never been easy,
and that's not going to change anytime soon.
Work smarter.

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