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As a little girl, I had these feelings I didn't understand.  I would daydream about being a Queen and having naked slaves to wait on me hand and foot.  But I didn't tell anyone, because I knew they would think I was strange. 
Then when I got a little older, the daydreams began to become more sexual in nature, even though I was only beginning to develop the first tinglings of sexual feelings in my young body. 

The boys were giving me more and more attention, and they became willing subjects for me to explore my feelings with.  I would tease them and ask them to do things for me to see how much power I had over them.  I thought that, if I could get them to do something embarrassing, it would prove that I could dominate them.  So I would have them tie my shoes for me, pick up things I dropped, carry things home from school.  And when I saw that they were almost falling over themselves to do anything I asked, it excited me—a strange and thrilling sense of excitement would course through my body—a sexual excitement that I was only to ready to explore.  So I pushed the boys even further to see if there were any limits to My Power over them.  But no matter what I demanded, they would just tremble and fumble all over themselves to carry out my little orders that they do so. And with each experience of My power, I felt a rush of sexual feelings. 

When I grew into adulthood, I began to study Female Domination, like a doctor studies medicine.  I wanted to know everything about submissive men and what makes them tick.  I also wanted to learn about all the things women can do to them in the process of turning them into slaves.  I became an expert.

Now, I do this because it has become My way of life.  I look for men who interest me.  Men who are amusing, intelligent, and have something to offer.  But they have to have something else—a need to serve a strong Woman, to subject themselves to Her Power, and to carry out her slightest whims.  I am looking for the right kind of male.  He must have the same sexual craving inside himself to be My Slave that I have inside Me to be His Mistress.  I am very picky, and I can afford to be, because Women like me can have their pick of willing submissives.  And I am always looking for the perfect slave.