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Love 'Em Or Hate 'Em,
Commercials Are Necessary.
They sell products, shape public opinion, and entertain.
But what about those disclaimers?  The tiny print at the bottom of the TV screen that can  only be read by a speed-reader with binoculars.  Or that totally inaudible whispered part of a radio commercial.  Let's not kid, disclaimers aren't especially good for sharing information.  So why are they used?  Because by law, advertisers are required to tell you certain details. 
There is a better way to inform. 

is it.

This the Place to Get Details!!
Responsible companies are proud of the products they sell and advertise.  They have nothing to hide, and want you to be able to Get Details.

Here's why advertisers should use and abandon disclaimers:(click)
It's quick and easy.  Use a simple message at the end of a TV spot, or add a simple three second tag to a radio commercial:  "Get Complete Details at". 
     Now isn't that a lot nicer than all that disclaimer mumbo jumbo?

    Click HERE and you'll Get Details right away!!

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