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GetDetails.com features regularly updated news and commentary.  In order to provide you with the most complete information, we have gathered hundreds of sources in our News Pages, updated hourly. Our editorials are the truest expression of Freedom of Speech.  We speak out against injustice, stupidity, prejudice, racism, intolerance and anything else that needs your attention. While GetDetails.com often agrees with the positions put forth in our columns, the opinions expressed are solely the responsibility of the authors.  We do not dictate the content. 

Editor's Message
Just why do we do this?  Why do our columnists take time from their busy lives to pound out a couple of articles a week?  We're certainly not doing it for the money. 
     I wouldn't dare try to speak for any of the excellent writers who grace these pages.  They're all very opinionated, pasionate, and intelligent. It's a volatile combination that makes the kind of writer you like to read. 
     From a personal standpoint, I do this because I am disturbed by the decomposition that happens to much of the information that reaches you through traditional means.  It's getting tougher than ever to determine the truth. 
     And it's not going to get better.  The more sources you have, the more rounded and accurate your news will be.  Bit by bit, your sources are dwindling, combining, absorbing and centralizing. 
     The force behind this distruction is profit.        Sponsorships pay large salaries and provide security.  They also can influence the information you read, hear or see.  Therefore, much of the news you're presented should be greeted with a measure of skepticism. 
     As of yet, we here at GetDetails.com have managed to elude the kind of success that could affect our objectivity, but we''ll keep you posted.
--Bob Brandon

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