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Comments by Frank Tauk.


Bush League

Happy Birthday Larry Flynt.  He was 58 on Wednesday (11/1/00).  Then the next day I heard his distinctive whiny voice on the Howard Stern Show.  The slur in his voice, the result of being shot by an attempted assasin back in 1978.  

Once you get past the fact that most people consider him to be a slime since he's a pornographer,  you can begin to actually hear what he has to say.  When I used to whack off to Hustler's wideopen landscape shots, I thought the guy was God.  What a hero.  Champion of Free Speech.  

Hustler was normally the dirtiest men's mag you could find around my little town.  The layouts were glossy, the editorializing was sensational, and the women were slutty.  I memorized every mole and nipple, and kept my private stash of poon in a secret place.  
Until that fateful day when they disappeared.  Man, I was horny as hell, and had to fantasize using only my imagination...bummer.  I couldn't ask my mom.  I never did find out what happened to them.  

Now back to the present.  Most polite society shuns guys like Larry Flynt.  They automatically discount anything he says as lunatic ravings.  Remember when he offered a million dollars for anyone who would come forward and admit they had sex with a politician?  Several marriages and careers took the off ramp thanks to that bit of PR genious.  

Now comes the latest Flynt bombshell.  It's an allegation he claims he has offered, but is being ignored by all the mainstream media.  Did George W. Bush really get a young woman pregnant and force her to have an abortion back in the early '70s?  Larry Flynt says he has the proof.  So far, there's been no mention of the charges on any of the major media...except here at and the Howard Stern show.  Stern tried unsuccessfully to get some sort of response from Bush headquarters, but surprisingly, no one who spoke English was available to discuss the matter.   

What a bonanza for the Democrats...oh wait, this came from "who"?  No comment.  What a total betrayal of Mr. Bush's carefully constructed façade, champion of the Right To Life fanatics.  To not only force a woman to abort his unborn child, but also to have done so BEFORE Rowe v. Wade...when it was actually against the law in the nation he seeks to lead.  

This smells real to me.  It seems to have validity, that a man who never actually had to make his own way in this world, to step on and over people on his way to the ultimate power trip, President of his own private country.  I am not an Al Gore fan.  I do believe he's sincere in his desire to help us clean up the environment, and continue the prosperity Mr. Clinton has fostered.  I do listen when Al tells me that Bush wants to squander the budget surplus on tax breaks that overwhelmingly benefit the richest Americans, who incidentally vote overwhelmingly Republican.  

Did your Daddy ever tell you how America works?  How the working people historically vote Democratic, and their bosses, the one's who make an average of 678 times more than their lowest paid employees, vote Republican.  Did he tell you that if a Republican president is in office, we're much more likely to be in a major military conflict?  You know why?  The Armed Forces spend unimaginable amounts of that used to be in your pockets.  You know where it ends up once they spend it?  In the pockets of the richest Americans...those who own or control the defense contractors and their allied industries.  

The fact is, there is a finite amount of money in circulation.  If we just print more, like they did during the Reagan spendfest, we get inflation.  So the Fed holds the line on that sort of thing.  To perpetuate the Rich get Richer syndrome, the money gets sucked out of your hands, and into the grasp of those who really need it...those who truly deserve it...those Millionaires who support George W. Bush.  

Even though we will never get an acknowlegement from the Bush league, it's a fascinating concept to ponder.  Did Mr. Bush actually do what Larry Flynt says he did?  Nahhh, that would mean he simply parrots whatever propaganda necessary to get elected...and everyone knows that would be wrong.  


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