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Comments by Witt Ryatt

Reparation H

The time has come to face the issue many white Americans dread: Reparations due to those citizens whose ancestors were enslaved in America. 

As you may have gathered if you have ever read this column before, I am a white male.  I grew up in a more integrated neighborhood than most of the other white people I know.  I was in the minority for most of my childhood, so I have a certain empathy for those who suffer merely because of their race. 

So, I've decided to go ahead and disburse the portion I owe as a white person right now.  If you'll be so kind as to read until the end, I will reveal how to collect what you are owed.

Now let's take a close look at what's going on here.  There is a group of very successful, and very influential individuals behind the movement to bring suit for slavery rebates.  Oh, incidentally, they're nearly all lawyers who stand to profit much more than the average black American. 

Thanks to the fact that they are in the position to force this legal suppository up the anus of the legal system, there is going to be a huge windfall.  But chances are, those to whom the reward will be intended, will get only a ceremonial pittance.  And that's exactly what this whole exercise in Judicial stupidity is all about. 

As Grandad used to say, the American legal system is book smart, but it doens't have a lick of common sense.  Just because it is possible to bring suit for anything in the world, doesn't mean you should.  Just what will be the result of such a suit? 

  • It will take up lots of court time...costing millions and millions of taxpayer dollars...
  • It will take up lots of Lawyer's billable hours...costing millions and millions of taxpayer dollars...
  • It will stir up animosity between people of different races who would otherwise have no problems working with, or living near each other.
  • It will incur even more legal fees as appeals are filed and tried...costing into the billions of taxpayer dollars...
  • It will create a huge new bureaucratic system to disburse any funds if they are ever awarded...just who gets how much...if a person is of mixed race, do they get a smaller portion, etc...and should these funds go to all citizens of African desent, or just those who can prove lineage to slaves.
  • It will create a wealthy new class of "Hundredaires" as huge checks, possibly for as much as several hundred dollars US arrive in the mail...a new era of prosperity is ushered in as African Americans buy expensive houses, cars and other expensive items with their huge settlements.
  • It will pay untold millions to those courageous men who had the foresight to perservere to the bitter, but  profitable end. 

The fact that such a suit may be brought isn't what bothers me...the fact that most white families never owned slaves isn't what bothers me, the fact that many African-Americans have found the path to prosperity while many whites have not, isn't what bothers me.  No, what really bothers me is the way the lawyers are licking their chops at the thought of their fees. 

These are seasoned barristers with hundreds of Billions in awards under their belts...Judging by the awards: 

Black Farmers' Settlement
Tobacco Settlement
Phen-fen settlement
Loewen Group Funeral Home

These very savvy Legal Beagles know how to win and win big.  Now ask yourself, just how much of those settlements went to legal expenses? 

A suit such as Slavery Reparations cannot possibly hope to right the monumental wrong committed in another era, in a society that didn't comprehend human rights the same way we do today.  The only goal of such a legal effort would be to ceremonially apologize for the inhumane treatment of slaves who are long since dead, by masters who are also long since departed. 

If that were the true goal of this new dream team, then let them try this case pro bono.  Do it for the good of American Society.  Do it to better the condition of your fellow man, not to make yourself that much richer.

If sucessful, just how would any money be divvied up?  Would it be in one lump sum, or a lifetime annuity, like a lottery payout? 

And what about adjustments.  If the recipient's family has recieved welfare, should the total amount be subtracted from the amount?  After all, since the aim is to do the right thing, don't things like housing and money given freely count as a sort of reperation? 

If you want to sue for something meaningful, how about bringing an end to the self-perpetuating welfare system...generations of people of all races have found themselves mired in the projects, on welfare, and unable to lift themselves up. 

Not only Blacks, look at Native Americans on the reservations, South Sea islanders on American possessions...Puerto Ricans...anywhere the system has allowed people to live for free without having to work, surprise...they take the easy way.  And along the way, they leave some personal dignity behind.

Thanks for reading the entire article.  Now, if you still believe you are due reparations because of past inequities, please fill out this form and click "SUBMIT"

Your Name
Your Email
Your Race
Your Age
Who was related to you that was a slave in America before 1865
Your Profession
How much do you think you are owed as part of this settlement?
To complete the process, click SUBMIT...

Once the new window opens, close it and click HERE for Online Slavery Rebate.
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