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Advice by Hunter Truelove...Hunter Truelove

Dear Hunter, 

I hope you can help me.  I am in love with my doctor.  Iíve been seeing him professionally for over ten years.  Hunter, this is really getting to be a problem for me.  I canít stop thinking about him, and my husband is becoming suspicious.  I have hinted to the doctor that I have a special feeling for him.  Heís so kind.  But heís married.  And now he tells me that heís going to retire because the health care industy has changed so much.  Help!  Iím going to camp out in my car down the street from his house.  What do you advise? 
Desperate in Detroit 

Dear Desperate, 
     I would not camp out at his house!  Many women have had these feelings toward their Doctor. They are very special people.  Often they hold the power of life and death, and to many people that is very attractive.  Maybe it would be best to find another doctor.,make it a woman if you can.   I know in your heart that a new one will not be the same at first. But just think of the good thngs that you got out of knowing this person and just put this in a special place in your heart.  And if you happen to pass him and his family just be happy and wish him the best.  There is always someone to help you and try not to get to get so close to the new one. I hope this will help. Thanks for writing,  Hunter. 

Dear Hunter, 
Iím a 31 year old mother of two.  I love my husband very much, and we have a wonderful homelife.  But thereís one problem:  I still have feelings for a previous love, ďJackĒ.  We were kept apart by my Father who didnít approve because no one was good enough for his daughter.  He had Jack beat up, and kept us seperated.  I tried to push the old feelings away, but they keep coming back.  My husband is a wonderful provider, and a great father to our girls.  I ache inside,but I canít desert my family for a love that may never be.  The only problem is, I saw him down the street this morning.  Itís starting all over again. 
Signed, Yesterdayís Love 
Dear Love, 
   I hope you can  remember that at one time or another we all had that type of love. Maybe at the beach when you just got out of high school,  and you knew that the good looking guy on the motorcycle was the one for you. We all have been there but you are a very lucky woman.  You have a man that cares for you and takes care of you and your daughters. Thatís hard to find in this day and time.  So look at what you have now.  I believe your Father was a very smart man.  As far as ďJackĒ is concerned, stay away from him!  Youíve got nothing to gain, and everything to lose.  Youíre a lucky woman to have a good man and a Father who took the time to help this happen. I hope this helps.  If not, good luck in what you decide to do. But put your family first. Thanks for writing. Hunter. 
If you have a problem that's getting the best of you, write me here.  Maybe we can work it out together.  Take care, Love Hunter.. 

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