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Comments by Pat Grudge


It is time for us to stand up and be counted as either Republicans or Democrats. Since the potential Republican Survey has been out for some time, we thought it only fair to include the other side of the coin. Please answer the questions honestly and calculate your score using the scale at the end of the survey.

Are You a Democrat?

Yes  No
1. Do you believe that Franklin, not Teddy should be on Mt. Rushmore? ____ ____
2. Do you believe that morality is for the other guy? ____ ____
3. Do you believe that the government can solve all problems? ____ ____
4. Do you believe that blame can be assigned for a lack of personal integrity? ____ ____
5. Do you think that John Kennedy was just a randy boy? ____ ____
6. Do you believe that The New York Times is unbiased? ____ ____
7. Do you believe that every problem can be solved with more tax money? ____ ____
8. Do you believe in reparations for slavery? ____ ____
9. Do you believe that English should be abandoned as the language of the United States in favor of some new language adjusted for diversity? ____ ____
10. Do you believe that wanting is the same as doing? ____ ____
11. Would you dictate public service for all 18 year-olds ? ____ ____
12. Do you believe that the other guy's money is the root of all evil? ____ ____
13. Do you volunteer at the local homeless shelter? ____ ____
14. Do you regularly bowl? ____ ____
15. Do you think the problems in this country are due to a lack of unions? ____ ____
16. Do you think the War on Poverty was a success? ____ ____
17. Do you believe that Ronald Reagan was the Anti-Christ? ____ ____
18. Do you believe homosexuality to be a biological imperative? ____ ____
19. Do you want to register all guns?  ____ ____
20. Can you pretend you are empathetic while taking the other guy's money? ____  ____

Scoring: Score one point for each YES answer.

Consider yourself a Democrat if you achieve a score of 10 

To be a potential candidate, it is necessary that you score at least 15

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