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Comments by Trinitty Kasteen

Trinitty Kasteen
Melting Pot

America is the melting pot of the world. We have every race and color, from every country in the world living here. People travel across oceans and deserts, by airplane, boat, car and any other means available, to live in the land of the free. The knowledge and cultures these people bring with them, give us a "taste" of their heritage, religion, food and way of life. They enrich us with stories of their lives and their ancestors lives, that give us a glimpse of a whole new country most of us will never be able to see, or otherwise imagine. 

But what about the people who come here to live illegally? Let me give you an example! Here, where I live in Colorado, we have been unindated with Hispanics. Many are legal, have legitimate jobs, pay taxes, and learn to speak our language. Yet, many come here "illegally", taking jobs that pay "under the table", and donít learn to speak English. They bring their pregnant wives and girlfriends here to have babies, which automatically makes the newborn an American citizen. In turn, these women get on our welfare system to support themselves and the child, while their husband or boyfriend works getting paid under the table! Much of the money they earn gets sent back to Mexico. 

I have seen time and time again in the grocery store, a very well dressed Hispanic woman, with two or three children with her, paying for groceries with food stamps. They wheel their groceries out to brand new cars and trucks, then drive to very nice apartments and houses! Even where I work at a department store, I see these people give hundred dollar bills for their purchases, and at the same time look down at me and my co-workers!

I donít have anything against Hispanics or anyone else living here. But, if you are going to live here, learn to speak our language and pay taxes like everybody else! Taking advantage of Americaís generosity is wrong, but until we can pass laws to stop this from happening, all hard working, tax paying people in this country will have to continue supporting these people with our hard earned money!

Trinitty Kasteen lives on the Western Slope of Colorado, with her significant other Tim. They have three cats and one dog.  In real life, Trinitty is a department manager for a large retail store.  She loves hiking, writing, watching good movies, read good books, and most of all, not letting life get in the way of having fun.  Contact her at:
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