Attention all troublemakers!

We're looking for people like you.

  • People who get angry,
  • People who aren't afraid to speak the truth.
  • People with a burning desire to express themselves.
If any or all of these descriptions fit you, read on.

The pages are expanding.
We're currently searching for volunteer columnists to contribute one or two items a week.
If you don't know what we're all about, read our current commentaries.

While we like a hard-hitting style of writing, we're not looking for just more of the same.    If you can express yourself on a variety of levels, and have a unique viewpoint; you're probably the person we're looking for.

If you'd like to write a column, contact us here.  This is a volunteer position, so there won't be any pay, at least not at first.  Future plans call for sharing ad revenues, once these columns gain readership.

If you have a column idea of your own, please let us know as well.  It's always best to write what you know.  Come grow with us, as attracts new readers to our expanding content.

Write us now, and let's shake things up a little!
write to:

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