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Comments by The Changer

Didja Miss Me??

Forgive me, readers, for I have lapsed.  It has been three months since my last conf… column.  I bet you’ve just driven yourselves crazy with concern for me.  I’ve
decided to allay all your fears today.  I was not in a car wreck.  I didn’t join the Army.
I got a new job.
The Changer

I’m now working in the 2-year-old webhosting division of a telecommunications company that is rumored to start doing webhosting next year.  We’re the best-paid, well-kept secret in the telco world.  
In a division of forty people, I was the second woman here, and the only one under forty.  Upon first site, the guys fell into two categories: taken and desperate.  The majority of my co-workers are married or involved, many with children.  They’re decent guys, easy to talk to, although most of them have war stories.  If I never hear “Back when I was in Saudi…” again, it’ll be too soon.  I guess the Desert Storm veterans had to go somewhere.
The single guys, however, are terrifying.  Walk into a room full of them, and you’d swear you just walked into the Leavenworth Parolee support group or something.  You see these badly-dressed guys, instantly nervous and drooling as they sense estrogen enter the room.    
I guess it had just been too long since a guy had paid me much attention without knowing my reputation.  I have no other explanation.  Mr. Stalker Unix Boy walks into my cube, shakes my hand for well over an hour, and I don’t kick him in the balls?  I feel I’m a disappointment to my readers.  
To answer the question you all are asking, yes, I did go out with him.  Yes, he was the epitome of desperation.  Yes, I think he’s a little less macho now.  
I’ll have more stories for you in a few days.  If you want the rest of the story on this guy, read it at the Changer site.
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