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Comments by The Cynic

We all knew we would be here. This Energizer Bunny of an election could only be thwarted by the top court in the land, and I'm holding out hope that the Supreme Court will put an end to what has degraded to a level of just plain silliness. 

I honestly thought that Al Gore would have conceded the election after the first recount. Well, I'm an idiot. I had underestimated, once again, the drive in Al Gore to win at all costs. Al Gore should have conceded after the first recount. Al Gore should have conceded after partial recounts and certification. Al Gore should have conceded after the first Supreme Court ruling. 

Al Gore has had several opportunities to bow out gracefully, he failed to do so each and every time. His grasp of the inevitable seems to be absent.more -------------------------------------- 

2. Cynical Observations... My apologies for being so light on the humor this column. I had to vent...this whole experience has been more than frustrating. If this thing doesn't end sometime soon I'm going to be reduced to writing chad Haiku's: 

Poked piece of paper Proves 
the intent of voters Hanging by a thread 

See, let's hope it doesn't get there. Let me thank the many new subscribers for coming aboard after my last column, It's the Stupid, Stupid...Welcome! Feel free to write to send me your comments, suggestions and questions at any time. ---------------------------------------- 

3. Of Note... I'd like to congratulate Joe Giordiello on a fine job on Friday's Politically Incorrect. You were outnumbered, outshouted and you still came off as the smartest on the panel.                   

                   'Til next time...


About the writer: 
The Cynic is the pseudonym of one of America's most-trusted indivuals.  Read more at
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