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Last week, HBO star Sarah Jessica Parker voiced her concerns about a Bush Presidency: "I'm worried about the kind of cuts he might make in domestic programs that mean something to a lot of people, including people in my family who depend on certain things from the government." 

This leads me to wonder how Hollywood types get so damned informed on such intricacies of our government. I've never been to Hollywood. The only knowledge I have of it came from watching television. You know, the stereotypical Hollywood stuff: Cocktail parties where they all gossip about each others wardrobes, lots of "call my girl" types of appointments, booze, sex and drugs. All the stuff that makes me want to live there. more --------------------------------------- 

2. Cynical Observations... I'm hoping you all had a good Holiday. Mine was great, even though we had to trek across three states to visit our 3 families and dealing with horrendous snow and subzero temperatures. I'm trying to come up with some New Year Resolutions based on reader feedback. This is what I've been told to do: -Be more cynical -Quit being so cynical -Be nicer to Al Gore -Quit mentioning chads -More Jesse Jackson columns -Quit smoking (OK that was from my wife.....let me think for a moment.NO) Any more suggestions would be great. --------------------------------------- 

3. Of Note... I may or may not do another column this week. This time of year gets so busy for me, so I doubt I will. In any event, have a great New Year. 

'til next time! --Cyn-- 
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