GOOD MORNING, MR. PRESIDENT As much as I'm glad this is over, I'm still astounded that in the course of this post election debacle Al Gore managed to sully the reputation of all three branches of government. That is no small feat. Nixon and Clinton were able to discredit the executive branch. Eugene McCarthy was able to cloud the reputation of Congress. The judicial branch has discredited itself in small increments, but never on a scale this large. Al Gore managed the trifecta, the political triple play. You're all out. So, Al, was it worth it? Thirty-six days have passed and the outcome is the same. What has changed is that the people's trust in the courts, the legislators and all politicians for that matter, have diminished to a point that will be difficult to repair. The incoming President will hold office with a haze over his legitimacy. Are you happy now? more --------------------------------------------------------- 2. Cynical Observations... more election columns. This went on way too long. Could it have ended better? Yes...but George Carlin wasn't running for President. I have received a couple of chad Haiku's from readers since I included my own in the last edition of Cynical Mail. The idea here was not to write Haiku's, although I did have a few laughs. As I wrote today's column I had no idea what Al Gore would say during his withdrawal/concession speech. I may comment on it later, although I would prefer to just let it go. --------------------------------------------------------- 3. Of Note... We are still looking for contest ideas. I know you are a bright group, let's see what you got. I have found myself reading Camille Paglia more and more recently. Politically speaking, she is inconsistent on her views as it seems her stand on different issues changes hourly. She just finds a way to make sense out of any position she takes. If I were an uneducated reader on a particular subject, she would convince me that she is right 90% of the time. She must have been an excellent debater in college. Check her out at 'til next time ---Cyn---