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I have never written a column about President Clinton.

Part of the reason is that there was just a plethora of writers who 
could capably tear him a new one every time he mis-spoke, mis-stepped or 
flat out lied, and I did not think I could add much too the heap.  I've 
heard many comedians and writers declare Clinton as a 'gift from God' 
for material purposes. The other part of the equation is that I entered 
into the arena a bit late to comment on the really juicy stuff and I had 
an election to cover. (Which by the way, I'm really missing the easy 
column material that Al Gore provided me with)

Well, my conscience is not allowing me to let the opportunity pass. I 
have to take a shot at him. I cannot in good faith continue commenting 
on our national state without addressing the effect Bill and his overly 
opportunistic wife, Hillary(!), have had on us.  More ------------------------------------

Cynical Observations...

I'm in a bit of a dilemma. I'm about to watch the Super Bowl as I type 
this. As many of you know, I hate New York sports teams. I also hate Ray Lewis. So I'm rooting for my cable to go out.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 
OK....Super Bowl is over. What a yawner. The only thing that was 
interesting about it was the "eyevision" 360 degree camera thingie. 
After Clinton, I'm wondering if we should install one of those in the 
Oval Office. -------------------------------------

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