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Keeping Uncle Sam out of the fray 

The 107th Congress is getting settled in. The new members have introduced themselves to the old ones and they are now ready to get back to the work that they do best: figuring out new ways to screw things up. It never ceases to amaze me as to how often the American public looks to Uncle Sam to solve its woes. 

Considering the track record that the Fed has on any task, you would think that we would fire them and hire a Japanese firm to come and take over. Now I say this, not because I want to make the federal government seem evil (they do a good enough job themselves), but because they are inept. They remind me of Barney Fife, in that they may start out doing things with the best of intentions, but inevitably make any situation worse.more ------------------------------------ 

Cynical Observations... I'm a tad disappointed in the Linda Chavez situation. She should have said something up front, but I was looking forward to a labor department head which would be willing to put the Unions back into their place. That and I like the fact that she called us a nation of crybabies. 

Congratulations to the city and Baltimore and to all the Ravens fans out there for their victory in the AFC Championship game. Giant fans can go to hell. Two teams in the World Series wasn't enough for you? ----------------------------------- 

Of Note... I apologize for not producing any articles last week. I got kind of busy and when I got the time I couldn't get the juices flowing. It happens. I was both honored and astounded when I discovered that Front Page Magazine chose a portion of my last column as their 'quote of the day'. 

This is pretty prestigious, considering that my quote was sandwiched between a quote from the Washington Post and a quote from the Pope. I recommend you stop by there and give them a looksie. 'til next time,

Thanks for reading! 

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