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Comments by Wanda Hodge
A Bridge to the Past

Federal aid to religious charities is a disaster in the making. There
are far too many loopholes and pitfalls along this path that could
result in millions of needy citizens falling through the cracks of

Once social services are placed in the hands of religion, what will the
next step in the scheme of things be, cut off federal funding
altogether, placing the entire burden on the churches to dole out
charity as they see fit and as funds allow?  This course of action by the Right Wing is nothing new. Long before FDR orchestrated the New Deal with Federally funded social programs that Conservatives loathe with a passion,  the only relief available was church-based charities. Millions of Americans went homeless with many literally starved to death because the churches were not able to handle the burden of poverty that the vast majority suffered through during the 19th and early 20th century.

The closer we look at these Republican schemes the clearer the past
becomes. Instead of a bridge to the 21st century that Clinton had hoped to build,  the Bush administration is building a bridge to the 19th century,  the height of  the Gilded era of  Corporate Imperialism where sweat shops and  the 7 day work week was common place, minimum wage, workmen's compensation and labor laws didn't even exist.  Women and minorities were second class citizens with few rights, education was a privilege reserved for the upper class. These non progressive schemes of the Right Wing are leading the US down a blind alley of destitution. As a result of corporate globalization this new breed of  anti American Right Wing Conservatives  could care less about their own countrymen, their loyalties are with Wall Street.

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