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Comments by Splat.
Why Little Johnny or Jenny 
Should NOT Go to College
In order to understand this article, try for just a moment to throw out all the bullshit you’ve been fed  about the wonders of education. And let’s look at a few facts.
  • Some of the most successful people in the world did not attend or graduate from college. i.e: Ross Perot, Bill Gates, and at least a dozen more. 
  • College has become so expensive, that only Bill Gates or Ross Perot can afford it without asuming a staggering amount of debt.
  • Look around your workplace. Who seems to be the most competent, the most experienced, and even the most popular? Chances are it’s the non-college grad.
"But Splat, hush your mouth, you blasphemer! We must support education, because tomorrow belongs to the children."

Well, you’ve just shown yourself to be the typical college graduate, with little, if any ability to think for yourself…spouting the standard platitudes. Just like a good little sheep. 

You see, today’s colleges don’t educate at all…they teach memorization and in many cases, out and out cheating. Remember back to your college Latin. Unless you’re a Doctor or Lawyer, you don’t get much chance to use it. You simply memorized what you needed to pass the exams and then promptly forgot it. 

What an efficient use for the 20 grand or so it costs annually to anonymously sit in class at one of these esteemed institutions of higher earning, I mean learning. 

"But Splat, you’re just bitter because you couldn’t afford to go to college"

Wrong cliché breath, I came from a family that could and DID afford it. I didn’t need a load or a job. So why do I feel such disdain for the educational cartel? Why am I the way I am? 

Point your browser and tune in again next week to find out. 



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