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Comments by Chuck Walker
Chuck Walker


Those people, the ones that will be there for you, drive across the state in the middle of the night for a 3½ hours one way. You know the ones, those people in your life that will come through on a momentís notice. Never judge you on what you do or think; accept you no matter what. You know those people. What, you donít have any people like that in your life? Hell, I know I donít. 

But I have gone above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to doing for some people. Husbands, wives, lovers and kids get the worst of this treatment. You are either walkiní on them or they are walkiní on you (come on be honest!). Parents are treating their kids worse than people that they donít like. They would never think of not speaking to their kids. Friends have to be really close to entering this arena. 

I have let lovers use me for adoormat, but when they stop to wipe their feetÖ do they think that this is a territorial right?  What side of this are you on? You can never be the victim because that would mean that the other party has done something to you in some way. That is why there are 3 sides to every story, your side, my side and the truth. 

We are mostly big brats trying to manipulate to get our way. Unfortunately the manipulator is usually unaware; the habit begins so early in life. We never ask directly.  We spend time on the thing that makes you do the thing that they really wanted. But you canít convince them they do thisÖand southern women are the best and consider it a way of life. Trust me you will never convince them, well almost never, not too many married couples agree to disagree so this is really an uneasy place. 

The more familiar we are with somebody the more we work them.  We feel that knowing them gives us the edge, the ability to build a better mousetrap if you will. If I lose this then so-and-so will find it or if I drop this then so-and-so will pick it up! What do you call this when you use it to show-off to your friends? So where is the line that separates enough is enough. Why is it so different with people?  

Acceptance is whether or not you fit into certain criteria, imagine then it must not really be acceptance. I only should not accept you after you give me reason or your assholicness provides you with a crown that is visible from day one. Naw-mean!!! 

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