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Comments by Xona.

Boy Scouts Warn Members About Religion

The Boy Scouts of America today issued a nationwide warning to all of 
its Boy Scouts about the danger of belonging to and participation in 
any organized religious enterprise such as the Roman Catholic Church, The Mormon Church, The various Baptist sects, and other Christian, and Islamic religious cults.

Speaking for the national leadership of the Boy Scouts of America, 
Jake Queerhater, said that since the Supreme court of the United 
States has freed the Boy Scouts of America from having to have 
homosexuals as scout masters who prey on the innocent youth that make up the scouts membership, that the Boy Scouts of America now wish to ride its wholesome youthful member scouts of the greatest homosexual predators of young boys in America today, Organized Religion.

"Hopefully, all our fine young scouts will someday be free of the 
homosexual scourge that is constantly trying to get at them, first, as 
our own homosexual members, and secondly as the various priests, 
ministers and other members of the various religious sects that prey 
on our fine youth like maggots on dead decaying flesh," lamented a 
very vocal Jake Queerhater.

Boy Scouts of America spokesperson, Queerhater concluded with an 
emotional statement to all current and future Boy Scouts of America. 
"To you ten to fifteen percent of all boy scouts who know now, or will 
discover in the near future that you are a GAY scout, we, the Boy Scouts of America say to you: We love you; we want you to remain as
boy scouts; we want you to pay your dues; we want you to buy our
products, and engage in our fund raising. However, do not hold any
aspirations for inclusion as Scout Leaders, for we here, who run and
govern the boy Scouts of America want your money; we want your
participation; we want your youth and energy to make the Boy Scouts of America greater that it has ever been before, but, we don't want you 
faggot queers anywhere near our fine youth as Boy Scout Leaders."

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