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Hello, as you can see my name is Gloria. 
I am so happy that you came to see my page.   As we go along I will talk about my Mother and Dad who have passed away. And My family , My special two Boys who are age 18 and 17.  God gave me them and You never know real love until you become a Mother.
Wasn't I A Cutie?
Yes, this was me, about uh...
well a few years ago!

Here is a poem I enjoyed.
A Mother's Love Poem
My Mother had six childen, we have always been very close all of our lives.  And then we lost our dear big sister, Mary.  It has left a hole that will never be filled, and of course a lonliness that only the Good Lord can help.  Mary and her wonderful husband Bobby gave Mama and me a place to stay for a long time.  From the time they were married, until I got married.  They were wonderful people who are looking down on all of us now from Heaven.  Thank God for that. I love my Sisters and Brother so much.  

I was the baby of the family, so I know they love me. But until my sons came to me I never new how a new life could make you love so much. We love our Moms and Dads,  but when you get to be a Mother you will know . They can give you a  hard time . But the good out weighs that by all the love in our hearts. 

I just wanted to put this on paper and let other people know alway love and hug your family.
Life goes by so fast.  I will write more soon.  If you would like to write me, please do. I love to make new friends and hear about your family.   Here is my email address:

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