Confucious once said a picture is worth a thousand words.  That may seem true, but studies have shown that the mind is more attuned to sound than sight. 

Here's why:  Our memories come in two basic types:  Iconic and Echoic. 

When the eye sees a picture or visual information, a fairly complete image is registered in Iconic Memory.  But it fades away in just a few seconds. 

When the ear takes in information, it also registers a mental image, but the Echoic memory fades more slowly, lasting up to twice as long as the visual.

And how about this: Comprehension of spoken words can be up to 25% faster than that of printed material.  Psychologists speculate that delay is the time it takes the brain to translate the visual image into aural sounds it can better understand.
Now you see why radio advertising works.  We get inside customers' heads and tap into their emotional responses by way of their ears.  That's your Charlotte Clear Channel Creative Services Department at work. 

Warning:  This may seem like fun, and it is, but remember, we're professionals.  Please don't try this at home.