Anonymous Survey

Of Human Sexual Experience

The next page contains adult language and deals with adult sexual situations. This material is not pornographic, and does not include any photos.  It is an effort to gauge modern sexual attitudes and experiences, in a frank and open manner.
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Anonymous Survey Of Human Sexual Experience

We're interested in lifestyles that may seem unusual to some, but completely normal and acceptable to others.
We are not making judgements, so Please Be Completely Honest and descriptive.
The results are completely anonymous.  Nothing connects you with any answers given.
Thanks for taking the time to share your life with us.

  • Answer the Questions that apply to your experiences
  • Please answer truthfully, Your Privacy is Guaranteed
  • Maintain the privacy of others and don't use anyone's real name.  Feel free to fully describe your experiences in the spaces provided...keep typing, even if you reach the end of the text box, it can accept as much as you want to write.
  • Hint:  Use the TAB key to move easily to the next question



    Thanks for your time and honesty.

Your gender:

Your age: 
Your Racial or Ethnic Background: 
Your Religious or Spiritual affiliation;
Your State, Province or other location 

How would you describe your sexual orientation?
Gay Male

Are you satisfied with your sex life?  Yes  No
Why, or Why not? 

At what age did you first have any kind of sexual experience? 
How did you know the person(s)? 
At what age did you first have intercourse with the opposite sex (if applicable) 
Approximately how many sex partners have you had so far? 
Are you currently sexually involved with anyone?  Yes  No
Have you ever been involved with more than one partner simultaneously?  Yes  No
Do you have, or have you ever had a sexually transmitted disease?  Yes  No

Do you use condoms?  Yes  No
How often do you have sex with another person? 
What is the maximum number of sex partners you've had in a 24 hour period? 
How often do you have an orgasm?
How often do you masturbate? 
Do you ever experience multiple orgasms?  Yes  No

[Male]  How long is your penis (inches)
[Male and Female], What is the ideal penis length?
[Female] What is your breast size?
[Male and Female], What is the ideal breast size?

Please choose your living arrangements:
married How Long?
living with someone--not married.
living alone
children, no live-in partner
Who makes more money?  You  Spouse/Partner
Is one partner more dominant than the other?  You  Spouse/Partner

Have you ever had extra-marital sex?  Yes  No
If yes, does your partner know?  Yes  No
Together, have you and your partner had sex with a third person?  Yes  No

How many sex partners do you estimate your Partner has had? 
Do you and your partner ever fantasize about sex?  Yes  No
Please tell us one of your favorite fantasies

Do you use toys, novelties, porno, or other items during sex?  If so, what?

Do you enjoy giving oral sex?  Yes  No
If you give a man oral sex, do you swallow the semen?  Yes  No
Can you Deep Throat, or engulf the entire penis?  Yes  No
Would you perform oral sex on a woman during her period?  Yes  No

Do you enjoy anal sex?  Yes  No
Have you ever experienced Fisting?  Anal  Vaginal  Both
Do you ever use your mouth on your partners anus?  Yes  No

Have you ever been forced to have sex against your will?  Yes  No
Please give us some details.

Have you ever had sex with animals?  Yes  No
Please give details 
Do you have any other unique sexual needs or requirements? 
Have you ever paid for sex? Details? 
Have you ever been paid for sex? Details?
Have you ever stalked someone? Details? 

Please check all the situations that apply to you:
I am a professional or amateur Sex Worker (details)
Transgendered Male to Female
Transgendered Female to Male
Interracial sex partners (details) 
Pedophilia (sex with children) (details) 
Incest (details) 
Femdom (details) 
I am/have been a Master
I am/have been a Slave

Bondage and Discipline

Chastity Devices


Watersports or Golden Showers (urine)
Scat (feces)


Body Piercing
Other Fetishes or details, please be descriptive

How would you describe your sex drive?
Average Above Average High Out of Control! Below Average None

Is there anything in your past that contributed to or caused your sexual attitudes today?

Is there anything you've done during sex or fantasy that you are ashamed of?

Is there anything sexual you do that you are especially proud of?

Is there anything unusual or outstanding about your body or sexual organs?

Who is the sexiest person on earth today?

What other questions would YOU ask on a survey like this?

Would you like to leave your email address? (Optional)
Yes Include it with the survey results for others to see
Yes, but only for the survey not make public
Enter your Email Address here (Optional)

Press the "SUBMIT" Button below to finish the survey!

That's it!  Thank you for being a part of one of the first major sexual surveys of the 21st century.  The results are sent completely anonymously.  No one knows who you are, and they have no way of finding out by way of this survey.

Thanks again for participating.  If you know anyone else who has had unusal sexual experiences, please urge them to take the survey as well.

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